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Platos features

Anonymous or named conversations

Choose between anonymous conversations for psychological safety when it’s important, and fully identified participants where knowing who is contributing is important. And you can combine the two within the one forum if you desire. 

Anonymity is strong and multi-layered, including technical protections from re-identification (hashing, encryption and NLP authorship obfuscation) plus contractual commitments.


Private or public forums

Platos forums can be totally private or very public - it's a simple setting within the platform when you set up a new forum. 

To support this, you can choose how you invite people to participate. You can upload an email list and invite directly from within the application, circulate a URL or open it up to your whole workforce and authorize using single sign. 


AI-supported moderation

The only way you can have 1,000 people participating in the one forum is by using smart technology, and Platos is very smart. 

We take a “human in the loop” approach to AI, with algorithms supporting our human hosts in moderation and reporting tasks.

Important decisions are left in the hands of the human, but algorithms help to reduce overload and cognitive bias when handling the large volumes of conversational data. 


Psychological safety

Creating a psychologically-safe environment is fundamental to how we designed and operate Platos. Psychological safety means feeling safe to speak honestly, without fear of personal attacks or recriminations and it's essential for having good quality conversations that yield valuable insights. 

This safe space is created through combining anonymity (when used) and a human host who commits to looking after the interests of participants. This is an important commitment they make when signing up as a Platos customer. 


Private messaging & email

Private messaging is an important communication channel between Platos participants and the forum host, particularly for conversations about sensitive issues, which Platos is very well suited to. 

In anonymous conversations, participants can stay anonymous throughout the conversation. 

Email can be used to deliver invitations and notifications, depending on the settings chosen. Email is closely integrated into the application and is used in all Platos subscriptions. 

Private Messaging

Expert guidance & support

The people behind Platos - the Pax Republic founders - have worked with organisations and their stakeholders for decades and have built all that they know into the application so you can be successful. 

All Platos subscribers have access to a rich library of help resources that are designed to build your capability and confidence.

Because Platos is many people's first experience using technology for town halls and large focus groups we've made it simple and intuitive. 

And there's always a human available if you really get stuck. 

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Embedded video 

For virtual town hall applications, a video from the forum sponsor can provide a powerful impetus for the text-based conversation that follows. 

This allows you to create compelling forums that overcome the limitations of video for getting useful feedback. 


Surveys and polls

You can include surveys within Platos to enhance the rich qualitative feedback with structured quantitative data. 

One valuable use of Platos surveys is to provide a demographic screening questionnaire that participants answer as they register. This provides valuable underlying structure for the conversational data and greatly enhances the insights gained. 


Privacy & Security are Paramount


Security protections

Security protections: Security is of the highest priority. Measures we take include: complex passwords, account lockouts and 2FA can be enforced, 256bit encryption of data in transit and at rest, ISO270001 compliant ISMS annual independent penetration testing. 

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Managing your data

Data privacy: our strong security protections and data governance framework ensure no-one has access to your data who shouldn't. Application hosting, data storage and backups are in Microsoft Azure data centers. Subscription customers can download de-identified comment and participation data and all data is deleted 30 days after a subscription ceases. 


Protecting privacy

Privacy protections: our privacy policy details the measures we take to ensure your and participants personal data is managed appropriately in accordance with regulatory requirements. 

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Enterprise options & integrations

Enterprise options and integrations available under the enterprise licence include: single sign-on; business intelligence software access to (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau). Data input integrations for the PaxEQ data vis platform are also available. 

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Reporting: all licences include basic data exporting and reporting functions. Enterprise licences include the PaxEQ data vis platform, which provides a bespoke natural language visualisation and reporting functions for telling the stories in your data. 

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence: AI algorithms support the moderation process (e.g. detecting rude language or people's names), analysis (e.g. topics, emotion, sentiment) and reporting (e.g. organising comments into similar topics, identifying solutions raised). 


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