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Platos for companies

Platos is an online conversation platform for convening large group discussions about high-impact issues using moderated text commenting.

There is a multitude of high value use cases for using Platos to tap into the voice of employees, suppliers, customers and communities. 

Network of people [Converted]

Voice of Employee Use Cases

Employee discussions benefit greatly from the interactivity and psychological safety that Platos brings. Hold focused town hall sessions for discussing your most important issues and see how quickly Platos yields results. 

Communication by Gregor Cresnar for the Noun Project

Crisis communication

Crisis communication: Video conferences max-out at 20 and your people don’t get a hearing. Use Platos for remote workforce town halls. Gather your people, address them via embedded video & they continue the conversation in the forum.  

Video Conference by Vectors Point for the Noun Project

The Future of Work

The Future of Work: COVID-19 brought remote work into the present. Millennials, the digital natives, were here already. The workforce of the future is inclusive and collaborative. Use Platos to stay close to your people, wherever they are.

Compass by AomAm for the Noun Project

Transformation & change

Transformation & change: Use anonymous Platos forums to get a baseline and identify roadblocks and chokes early. Check in with your people each quarter to see how your changes are playing out. Get to revenue faster, see the market reward you for exceeding guidance.

Employees by Mungang Kim for the Noun Project

Talent retention

Talent retention: Use Platos anonymous forums to understand why churn happens before you lose your best talent. Just ask your people, but in a way where they can tell you the collective truth. Change fast based on real data. 

Human Power by Max Gaines for the Noun Project

Culture & conduct risk

Culture & Conduct Risk: Get whole workforce coverage instead of tiny focus groups. Get to the truth faster, discover emerging risks before they blaze into compliance breaches. Protect your people & your reputation from harm. Do it remotely, faster. 

Embrace by Dan Hetteix for the Noun Project

Diversity & inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion: You've spent much time & money tackling fairness, duty of care & meeting D&I targets. With Platos, ask your people what more needs to be done. Use our anonymous forums so you respect their need for psychological safety. Turn their stories into the data. 


Other stakeholder use cases

Corporate Platos applications are not limited to employees - the same psychologically safe, fast, large-scale forums open up new opportunities for engaging with your supply chain, large customers and community stakeholders. 

Supply Chain by Adrien Coquet for the Noun Project

Supply chain

Redesigning your supply chain post COVID-19:  The pandemic upended your supply chain. Reconfiguring that will demand clear & candid mutual understanding of risk and opportunities. Talk to your suppliers about opportunities, roadblocks & solutions. Build a bullet-proof supply chain.

Feedback by Gregor Cresnar for the Noun Project

Your most important customers

Last-mile product/service feedback: go way beyond NPS scores. Ask your major clients and big customers what they really want, & how you can meet their needs better. Platos’ rich qualitative feedback at a quantitative scale means you can know what's accurate & what's supposition. 

Partnership by Nhor for the Noun Project

Stronger social value partnerships

Stronger social value partnerships: Leading corporations are shifting back to stakeholder-led strategy from shareholder primacy. This shift means building productive stakeholder relationships at a very large scale. Use Platos for dialogues with communities & NGOs. Build stronger mutual-interest alliances.


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