Platos for education

Platos is an online conversation platform for convening large group discussions about high-impact issues using moderated text commenting.

There is a multitude of high value education use cases for tapping into the voices of students and faculty.

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Student experience

Student feedback on major policies & programs

Your students are your business, and your purpose. Getting their say in what works for them and what doesn't, how well they're coping or thriving and what support they need to succeed is information you can't get from surveys or chatrooms. And you don't get those data.

Suggested topics: mental health challenges, freedom of speech on campus, language disadvantage and teaching outcomes, student life, safety on campus, academic integrity.

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Student experience

Crisis communication

The pandemic has been traumatic, disruptive and confusing for young people. Not having a physical campus is massive hole in student life as we knew it.

Reach out to them wherever they are in the world, listen to how they're coping, adapting or not adapting, and keep them learning well and on an even keel. See the results, see the retention, see the rankings change.

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Faculty relations

Use Platos for bringing faculty closer in a self-isolated world. Take deep dives on culture survey results for informing transformation and change.

Understand emerging problems and their solutions through topic-focused conversations.

Leverage the data for better, faster returns on strategy and programs.

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