Platos for member organisations


Member engagement

Tap the expertise nested in your membership.

If your members want to be heard on the big issues of importance to your organization, you'll want to listen.

Whether you're a professional association, industry association, civil society organization or congregation, Platos gives you a powerful new way to tap your members’ views, while building a stronger community. 

You'll build shared insight and loyalty.

And deliver far greater value to your member base. 

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Policy advocacy

With Platos you can be much more effective at getting fast feedback from your members on emerging issues like regulations and public policy changes. 

Fast-to-deploy Platos Town Halls mean you can effectively give all your members a voice and process their feedback efficiently to distill the core issues.

And rather than dry, impersonal surveys, with Platos you'll tap the rich diversity of ideas to generate qualitative insight at a quantitative scale.

Then dig deeper so can go from problems to solutions in a single week-long process. 

With Platos, you can backup your advocacy with the powerful data of your membership - easily and cost-effectively.

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The technical detail

See the Product Features page for the full detail on Platos features. 


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